Gorkhey invests Selfie King


Selfie King is set to have a grand premiere in Australia having been sold to “Gorkhe Entertainment” for astonishing price and is touted to be the most expensive trade of whole of the Kollywood industry. 

The film is starred by Bipin Karki, Jibin Bhattarai, and Laxmi Bardewa. Subash Thapa, the producer, mentioned that they have been flooded with requests for the premiere of the movie and will be first released in Australia as the movie has already been auctioned out even before the completion of direction to Gorkhe Entertainment. He also announced that there has been no shortage of demand from the United States and many other European nations.

Director Mr. Sapkota informed us that the movie has no song and action like in mainstream movies. ‘This is totally different than mainstream’ he said, ‘We have some novel factor, which would make the audience enthusiastic.’ Likewise, lead actor Mr.Karki sheds light on the movie’s plot with the statement, ‘The content is very much related with many Nepali celebs including me’.

The synopsis reads: Gopal, a popular television comedian, mostly known for playing funny character called ‘Selfie King’ in a TV show of the same name, heads to the rural eastern city Solukhmbu to perform in a cultural program.

On his way, struggles to balance his newfound fame and his true human nature. In a budding entertainment industry like Nepal, celebrities have to manage their fame and personal life forms the crux of the story.

The cinema has been shot in various locations of ‘Jumla’ from 24th Bhadra(10th September) onwards and is all set to release in 2020.

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